Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A New Direction?

I see a new direction in my blog's future - as much as I love book reviewing, which I will of course KEEP DOING to some degree, it is taking up every spare minute of blog time I have.  And while this is a good thing, I want to incorporate some other posts in there from time-to-time.

Things such as gardening, which I am beginning again for the second year - my canning experiences, cooking and favorite recipes, my children, things I read and hear about that I think are interesting - and whatever else pops into my mind.  I plan to intermingle these types of posts with the books I LOVE and want to share with you.

This in no way will impact how much I read...I plan to keep on "keeping on" in that arena too!  I just want to add more...and give my readers a more well-rounded view of what I'm all about.  I know that the blogs I love the most are the ones that do this :)

Thanks for your support as I head in this new direction...


  1. Lindsay, it's such a good idea to incorporate other topics in a book blog. In fact, there are certain book blogs I visit regularly because they have pictures of crafts, container gardens, etc. Canning and gardening!!! Oh my, those are things I'll definitely look forward to in your blog.

  2. I love that other bloggers are doing this too. :) There's so much more to our lives than just books, and reading about stuff like that can make us all become better acquainted and discover new things. My mom and I are going to be able to do some gardening for the first time in years at our new place this spring, so I look forward to hearing about your gardening. :)

  3. This sounds great, I always enjoy reading about more than just books on other blogs :)

    I am gardening for the second time too this year, and loving it.

  4. Good Luck with the new direction Lindsay. It all sounds very exciting and I look forward to seeing what captures your interest.
    My blog is very like flits from gardening to baking, to whatever captures my imagination.
    I'm glad that you will keep the reading and book recommendations though.
    I'm sure your new road will be a successful one ;D