Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Color Is Your Wallpaper? by Steven C. Macon

Look around you. See beyond your noses! What color is your wallpaper? Yes, that’s right, what color is your wallpaper? If I was to ask you right now, without looking, could you tell me what color your wallpaper is? What kind of design it has on it? Wait a minute, you say that’s not fair! You might shout back, “Who cares what color my wallpaper is?” That’s precisely the point. Nobody really cares but you. After all, you or your spouse picked it out. You might have remembered what it looked like the day you picked it out. But what about now, one month later, or perhaps ten years later? How well do you see your surroundings?

About the Author:

Steven C. Macon was born in North Carolina, but spent most of his adult life in the sunny state of Florida. While attending college Steven was involved with many of the campus newspapers and magazines. He worked for a short season as a circus clown and puppeteer. There was another period in his life where Steven spent time jumping out of airplanes for fun. He obtained a Master Skydivers rating while a member of the US Parachute Association. Steven also participated in community theater. One of his major accomplishments was backpacking Yosemite. His hobbies include photography and likes to dabble with painting landscapes, still-life’s and various other sundry subjects. Steven and his wife, Debra, now reside in southwestern Virginia with their four cats.

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My Thoughts:

I received this book as a recommendation from my brother-in-law who is a good friend of the author.  I appreciate that and the chance to read something by this author - I am a big fan!

This book screams wisdom and pay attention to the little things!  While I was reading Macon's book, I felt like I was sitting beside an old friend...someone who has been around the block, realized what's important, and then wants to share that wisdom and those life lessons with me.

The whole premise behind the book is look around attention to what you're missing.  While we are so caught up in "life" and our image, our appearance to others, there is a whole world right around us that is so much more important.

Macon is obviously a Christian and he imparts much of that simple knowledge that we can gain from living in faith and living by the bible on us in this book.  It is packed with verses that support his life lessons and it takes you a step further than just reading - it fills you up spiritually and enriches the reading experience by bringing the knowledge right into your lap.

Let me share one of my favorite excerpts from this book:

We can approach our lives like a race track.  We can be so concerned on speed and getting to the finish line that we fail to see the rest of the track along the way.  Let us not be so consumed with the world view of purpose.  But let us be consumed with the God-view of purpose.  Live life one day at a time.  Remember what color your wallpaper is and stop and smell the coffee along the way.  When we are young life seems to go on forever.  When we are older, life seems too short.  We are eternal beings.  We will live forever and this is our proving ground (emphasis mine).  How you view life, how you view others and your surroundings will determine how you live your life.  A steady pace usually wins all races or at least gets you over the finish line.  Measure your time and don't let jobs or circumstances rob you of the small things in life.  You only have one life and regrets will be minimized if you are not in such a hurry to get to the end of it.

This book makes you stop...and think.  And if you're like me, you need that reminder to slow down every now and then because when we get to the end, we want to remember not to wonder.


  1. Thanks so much for the review.... :)

  2. You're very welcome, I am happy to help you support it! Looking forward to starting the next title :)

  3. Love this review and just happen to know the man.
    He is what he writes about!