Monday, October 10, 2011

The Lost Wife - Favorite Lines from the Book

"He laughs. And in his laugh I hear bliss. I hear feet dancing, the rush of skirts twirling. The sound of children. Is that the first sign of love? You hear in the person you're destined to love the sound of those yet to be born?" - p. 33

"I've often wondered if it is impossible to dress purely for your own indulgence and not in the hope of catching a man's eye. Some women love the feel of silk in their own hand, the weight of velvet on their skin. I think my mother was like that. She always told us there were two types of women. Those who are lit from the outside and those who are lit from within. The first needs the shimmer of a diamond to make her sparkle, but for the other, her beauty is illuminated through the sheet light of her soul." - p. 36

"A woman's pelvis is like an hourglass with the capacity to tell time. It both creates and shelters life. When the mother's diet is insufficient, nutrients are pulled from her own teeth and bone. Women are built to be selfless." - p. 79

"In my old age, I have come to believe that love is not a noun but a verb. An action. Like water, it flows to its own current." - p. 188

"To those who believe that the dead do not visit them, I say you have cataracts in your soul." - p. 288

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