Friday, February 10, 2012

Henry Wood Detective Agency Blog Tour: Bok Spotlight

Pump Up Your Books Virtual Tours is currently highlighting a really neat novel, one that I am excited to spotlight for you!

About the Author:

Brian D. Meeks found a love of writing through a random act of blogging. On Jan 2, 2010, he was overcome by boredom and found With little else to do before the football game kicked off, he wrote a piece about woodworking. Later that same day, while visiting a woodworking forum, he found a button labeled ‘blog’, so he cut and pasted the piece he had written and then went to watch football. The next day, out of curiosity, he checked back in on his blog piece. The one on forum had over 300 hits and 25 comments, many of them requesting more. This surprising dose of external validation prompted him to write a post on Jan 3. He has written every day since.

Brian writes his novels in serial form, posting one chapter per day on It was this method, which caught the attention of his publisher, Positive Imaging, LLC. Brian has completed the 2nd and 3rd books in the series and is nearing completion on the 4th. He has also compiled a collection of humorous guest blog posts, which will be available in the spring.

About the Novel:

A complex yet intriguing story. It’s full of danger, betrayal, and even love.

Henry Wood is an average detective, at best. His typical cases are boring, predictable, and safe, that is, until his new client walks through his door. It is Jan 1, 1955 and up until now his world has been one of black and white, right and wrong, but Luna Alexander’s case is going to change all of that and there will forever be shades of grey.

Henry will face the mob, question his own understanding of right and wrong, and need to make a decision that goes against everything he holds dear. A bit of a lone wolf, he finds that sometimes one needs help from their friends.

There are clues, like bread crumbs, being left by a mysterious benefactor who seems to have Henry’s best interest at heart, but will Henry put it all together in time?

What Reviewers Are Saying:

After a chapter or two I’m thinking, Well, this is fun enough to read. Artfully-unsophisticated, terse, old-fashioned style: like Dashiell Hammett, or Elmore Leonard. Fun enough characters — down-to-earth good guys and bad guys, broads you want to lay your coat across a puddle for. With some twilight zone thrown in just for fun. All a zany collection of cliches and stereotypes that kind of works, but will surely become boring in a couple more chapters. Except that it doesn’t, and I can’t put it down, and the characters emerge with dimension and depth, not so much through clever description, as without it. Through contexts skillfully constructed, and words avoided, allowing me to discover who they are rather than to be told. And so I find myself completely sucked in by a fine work of mellow jazz, full of powerful blue notes and silences. Can’t wait for the next one.

-Professor David Weiner

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