Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Sacred Saturdays

Who doesn't look forward to Saturdays? Finally, the week work is finished and we can do something for pleasure - this is what Saturdays are all about for our family. Of course, that can quickly become thrown off course at anytime just because we have two young kids!

Today, Boy #1 and I set out to do some usual Saturday errands. I want him to experience simple fun, things like going to the farmer's market and picking out a bunch of carrots...or heading to the public library to experience checking out his own library books. We were lucky enough to fit both of them into our schedule today.

We started out at the Lakeside Farmer's Market. They have an awesome spring/summer/fall market, but this year is even better because we have a winter market. I believe that farmer's markets are where food education should begin, because it allows one to see food at its simplest and not processed, compacted, and shoved into a colorful box. Pictured throughout this post are what I was able to snag today!

We have a number of friends who farm and am thankful for each one of them because I am able to get most of what we need...some of my favorites are Deer Run Farm, Pleasant Fields Farm, Greenway Beef, and Kruize Farms. One simple trip and we can get all the fruit, veggies, eggs, and beef I need for the week.

Today we went specifically to get goods from Kruize Farms...Michelle is awesome, and she is great to deal with. I simply message her my order sometime in the week and pick it up on Saturday (pending availability of course).

What is great about the market is that you always know you will come home with some little surprise - today it was crocheted dark green finger puppets and a crocheted Nemo keychain for Boy #1's bookbag.

We then headed on to part two of our trip - the library. I remember fondly my own mother making the trek with us three girls so that we could pick out library books and it was a huge deal when I was able to get my own library card. It is amazing how many things from your childhood you emulate when you become a parent yourself. Rylan and I had a great time browsing the kids section, which is awesome in our local library. After picking up a few books, Boy #1 discovered the Clifford the Big Red Dog books and had to have them all. As I headed up to the counter, I realized that I might be over the limit...can you believe that the library lets you check out up to 50 books?

At the counter, there was a display for David Baldacci's novels...he is the featured author of "Henrico Reads" a program designed to get more people in the area to read a selected author. He also happens to be from Henrico, which is pretty neat. He will be speaking at our local library in April so you know I had to check out his book! I have already marked my calendar to attend :)


  1. Just like my little guy! We also get tons of Clifford books every Saturday when we go there. Missed it today since the big guy was sick, we would've run into you there if it hadn't been for that. :)

  2. Thanks Kim...hope we see you there :) And you should definitely try to get David Baldacci's book Wish You Well...that is the one I am going to read. And if you're interested, maybe we can meet up to go see him speak?