Sunday, February 27, 2011

Confession Post - I AM AN ADDICT!

Okay, for those that clicked on this post just to be nosy and to see what I could possibly be addicted too (and I would have done the EXACT same thing if I were you), the excitement ends with the subject line - I am addicted to downloading books to my Nook.

It sounds like quite a boring addiction, but honestly, for a compulsive reader like me, it is quite satisfying. I had no idea the wealth of books that I would have at my fingertips with the Nook. And that green bar that signifies my latest hit has arrived is my new found Friday night high!

Ironically, my oldest son (who is only two) already knows how to shop for books too - this could be good or bad! I read recently that 75% of kids under five can't tie their shoes but can use a SmartPhone app - makes you kind of wonder? Boy #1 can use my Nook better than I can...

Here are a few of my recent purchases that I, and Boy #1, can't wait to read:

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