Friday, December 9, 2011

Fission by Tom Weston: Blog Tour & Review

Boy am I happy to be sharing this book with you today - you know those books that you receive in the mail and from the minute you tear into the package you know you want to open it right then and there? That is this book... I am so appreciative that Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Publicity allowed me to participate in this tour, it is one that I have been very excited about sharing with you!

About the Book:

Lise Meitner:
a physicist who never lost her humanity

First they tried to deny her.
Then they tried to destroy her.
But she survived to discover nuclear fission and spark the race for the atomic bomb.

The clue is to be found in her headstone. No, it isn’t the physics. For, as much as I like science, the scribbling of mathematical equations on blackboards and the clicking of Geiger-counters does not make for riveting story-telling. What drew me to the Lise Meitner story is the humanity.

Imagine a story of hate and greed, intrigue and danger, war and destruction, the slaughter of the innocents on a biblical scale and the collapse of empire. And imagine at the centre of it all one little woman, brilliant but shy, victimized but resolute, betrayed but ultimately vindicated. What a story that would make! Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because that is the Lise Meitner story. And I didn’t have to invent any of it . . .

. . . it’s all true. 

Read the first chapter HERE

About the Author:

Originally from England, Writer and Film-Maker, Tom Weston now resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Before turning his hand to fiction, Tom had a successful career as the CEO of a consulting company, conference speaker and writer of industry articles and business books.  But determining that the business world lacked a sense of humor, Tom decided to hand in his jacket and tie and instead turned to the world of literature.

His novel, First Night, set in Boston during the New Year’s Eve festival, introduced the unlikely heroines, Alex and Jackie, and the ghost of a 17th century Puritan named Sarah Pemberton. First Night won an Honorable Mention in the Middle-Grade/Young Adult category, in the Writers Digest 17th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards.

The sequel to First Night, called the Elf of Luxembourg, was published in January, 2010. As with First Night, The Elf of Luxembourg is also a supernatural mystery, with a blend of humor and history that has become Tom’s trademark.

Following the publication of  the Elf of Luxembourg, Tom turned to the medium of film to produce and direct the animated short, There be Monsters!, based on his short story of the same name.

Tom has also written the novel, Fission, based on his screenplay of the true story of scientist, Lisa Meitner, and the race for the atomic bomb. Fission the screenplay was named a finalist at the London Independent Film Festival. Prior to its publication in August, 2011, the novel was serialized for Tom’s Facebook fans.

Tom is now working on Book 3 of the Alex and Jackie Adventures, called Feathered: being a fairy tale, and he is researching the background material for the story, which will be set in Ireland.

For more information, visit Tom at 

My Thoughts:

Like I mentioned above, this book had me from the moment I opened the package.  I LOVE the cover, and I think it really did peak my curiosity about what this book had in store for me.  I have read many novels about World War II and Nazi Germany so I was glad to add this to my collection.  And as I was reading it, a colleague spotted it sitting on my desk and informed me that she just had to read it after me.  That is an effective that makes you want to pick the book up before you even know what it is about.

Another reviewer described this book as "unforgettable" and I would wholeheartedly agree.  I loved this book on so many levels, and the only regret that I had was that it had to end.  Lise Meitner is a fascinating person and this novel did her justice in every way.  I was intrigued because I knew that this was based on a true story and as I started reading Tom Weston's descriptions of Lise and her life almost pushed me out of the book for a minute and onto the internet where I read more and more that complimented this novel.  That to me is the mark of a successful writer, when they have the reader so enthralled in their writing and content of the novel that readers want to go out and learn more.

Weston has a way with words, certainly and he is a master storyteller as he unfolds the layers of a relatively unknown person in history.  Additionally, he really connected me as a reader with the many facets of this novel: the characters, the setting and the time period.  I would say that this is definitely a tribute to Lise, her story, life and many accomplishments.  Her story is compelling and really does add something to my knowledge of the period.  I think we need more novels about strong women in science, especially those that broke through barriers in their time to follow their passions.  Another reader expressed that they would like to see this made into a movie and I would agree, I think it would be phenomenal on the big screen.

For historical fiction lovers, this is a winner.  For everyone else, this novel will make you a fan of historical fiction!  Kudos Tom Weston, you have a winner with this novel!


  1. Hello Lindsay,

    Thank you for this wonderful review of FISSION and for helping me to spread the word about Lise Meitner. We do indeed need more stories of strong women. The good news is that they are out there in the Story Universe, and will cross over to our Universe eventually.


    Tom Weston

    A portion of all sales of FISSION go to the ‘Because I am a GiRL’ campaign by Plan, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children since 1937. Visit PlanUSA at or get involved with your own national/regional Plan office.

  2. I really wanted to read this one for the tour, but I just couldn't fit it into my schedule. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll have to add it to my wish list and hope Santa brings it to me.