Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Midwinter's Eve Hop - GIVEAWAY TIME!

YAY! Another giveaway, what could be better right around Christmas? Check out all of the details below.

Big thanks to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Oasis for YA for hosting this giveaway hop!


To enter, complete the form below.  Please only enter ONCE, multiple entries will not be accepted.  The information provided will be used only for this book drawing, and nothing more.  All information will be deleted at the conclusion of the giveaway hop.  The winners will be announced on December 28th and will be contacted via email.  My giveaway is open to US residents ONLY and you must be a follower of my blog to win!

Here are the books I am offering (you can enter for one):

Imaginalis by J.M. DeMatteis

What if your dearest friends were trapped in a world that was dying?

Mehera Beatrice Crosby has one great love—and it's not following the latest health fads (like her school friend Celeste), and it's definitely not Andrew Suarez (even if he does have a ridiculous crush on her). It's Imaginalis, her favorite book series.

When she learns that the long-awaited last book in the series has been canceled, Mehera is devastated—until strange events begin unfolding, and she realizes that her Imaginalian friends are counting on her to rescue them from their fading existence. Soon Mehera finds herself traveling between her world and the kingdom of Imaginalis. But what will happen when she accidentally brings the villain of the series, Pralaya, back to Earth, along with Prince Imagos and his Companions? Has Mehera doomed both worlds beyond repair, or is there a way to save Mehera's world—and Imaginalis, too?

Expert storyteller J. M. DeMatteis's richly imagined fantasy is a fast-paced adventure and a testament to the power of loyal friendship, creativity, and imagination.
Rocky Road by Rose Kent

Ice cream warms the heart, no matter what the weather.

That's the Dobson family motto. Whenever things get tough, they break out the special heart-shaped bowls and make sundaes. The road has been especially rocky lately for Tess and her deaf little brother, Jordan. Their plucky Texan mother talks big, but her get-rich-quick business schemes have only landed them in serious financial hot water.

Ma's newest idea is drastic. She abruptly moves the family to snowy Schenectady, New York, where she will use the last of their savings to open her dream business: an ice cream shop. (Too bad the only place she could find an apartment is in a senior citizens' complex.) Tess wants to be excited about this plan, but life in Schenectady is full of new worries. Who will buy ice cream in their shop's run-down neighborhood? What will happen when their money runs out? Worst of all is Ma herself-she's famous for her boundless energy and grandiose ideas, but only Tess and Jordan know about the dark days when she crashes and can't get out of bed. And Tess can't seem to find the right words to talk to Ma about it.

This moving story of family, community, and ice cream proves that with a little help from the people around us, life really can be sweet-and a little nutty-just like Rocky Road.

All you have to do is fill out the form below to easy!  Good luck, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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