Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Blogger Hop - 4/15 - 4/18, Follow Friday & TGIF - WHEW!

"Pick a book you are currently reading and tell us about the main character"

I am currently reading Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpoole. Awesome book, and the main character is Abilene (love her name!) She has been sent to Manifest, Kansas by her father, Gideon where she has stumbled across a long-buried town mystery.

Abilene is keen, smart, and interested in figuring things out. She knows when to keep her mouth shut, push someone's buttons, and how to act in any situation. She is mature beyond her years, and that is a very endearing quality.

Her name is a great choice for her because like it, she is different from everyone else. Amazing book, I hope to finish it tonight!

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"Do you have anyone you can sit down and talk about books with - Tell about them."

I absolutely coworkers love to read, but especially my girl Anita - she and I converse back and forth about books, are constantly borrowing from one another and making recommendations. Luckily, teaching middle school has instilled a love of young adult literature in both of us.

Today is also TGIF at GReads! Her question is,

If you could visit any fictional setting, where would you go and why?

I love this question because as mentioned above, I am reading Moon Over Manifest, which I LOVE. The setting for this book is Manifest, Kansas and while the story and characters are great, it is the setting that truly makes this book. The town is small, with a lot of history, and even more secrets. I feel like I am sitting at Shady's First Baptist Church and Bar (ironic, huh?) with Abilene. It is a great setting for a historical mystery and definitely adds to the drama.


  1. I'm new here, love the eclectic nature of your blog. Am now following.

  2. This sounds like a great book! I'm adding it to my to-read list. I am drawn to characters like Abilene. For some reason, this reminded me of Walk Two Moons not only because of the "moon" in the title, but also because Salamanca (also an unusual name) is also mature beyond her years.

    Have a great weekend!

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  4. I haven't read Moon over Manifest but from the sounds of the setting it's something I should check out.

  5. I agree that Abilene seems to fit a strong, intelligent girl. She sounds like a fun character...I loved the comment about knowing when to push buttons!!! I'm looking forward to listening (downloaded from Audible) to this book in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That setting sounds nice!

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  7. That`s great that you have someone to talk to about books. I wish i did!

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  8. Hopping through. New follower! I really want to read Moon Over Manifest. It seems like one of the Newberry books that I would actually enjoy.
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  9. I think I would go to Ireland for The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. She (the main character) also goes to Fae and into the "silvers." Great series!

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  10. You're so lucky you have plenty of people to talk to! And teaching must be really awesome, because you can get your kids to read!

    Happy Reading! :)
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  11. I like buried mysteries...sounds like a good book...good choice.

    Hopping by from the blog hop.