Saturday, April 2, 2011

TGIF (Late, of course)

This Friday's Question:

Characters We Love:
Which male and/or female character
have you found yourself connected to most?

There are so many characters that I adore, but I read a book two years ago that I adored and I attribute that mainly to the main character. The novel is Hattie Big Sky and the main character Hattie was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The novel was set in the early 1900s when
she is tired of being shuffled from family member to family member. She decides to head out to Vida, Montana and lay claim to her uncles homestead. She faces many trials and tribulations along the way, and eventually is not able to meet the requirements to keep the homestead, but her strength and perseverance make her a memorable character.

Many women/girls during this time would never have taken on this kind of challenge or responsibility but she does. Add to that the fact that her character is based on a REAL person, and wow...

Definitely check out this book if you haven't already - it is a great read.

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  1. I have yet to hear of this book. Perhaps it is one I should have added to my list.

    Mad Scientist