Thursday, April 14, 2011

Farmers Market Finds...

I mostly blog about books, but every now and then I include postings about my family or other things that interest me. I am very interested in small farming, and given a lottery win that is the first thing I would buy and do for a living - that and I would have a big HUGE library. I know, but everyone has to have a dream...

Today's market was especially "fruitful" as I was able to snag some great plants for my garden. A good friend of mine from
Holly Fork Farm and Produce had some great vegetable plants and herbs. You know I stocked up...

Can you ever have enough basil?

I was also able to snag some goodies from Boroughs Farm who sells a multitude of items from eggs, to vegetables, to lump crab meat (yummy). I made out with some ah-mazing goat cheese (natural and dill and garlic chevre) and some cheddar cheese which is particularly satisfying with a glass of red wine.

Finally, I made my way over to Bob's Sausage where I landed on a goldmine - country ham. Any southerner knows that this is a staple at breakfast. That, pork BBQ, and some homemade Italian sausage and I was a happy girl.

If you don't frequent farmer's markets, you are missing out on a gem. I can do just about all of my grocery shopping between them. And, I am supporting local folks which is always an awesome thing...

Happy Marketing!

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  1. I am new to your blog, but I have been enjoying having a read around.

    I adore farmers markets and it looks like you managed to get some fantastic products.

    I'm a new follower

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Happy reading
    Jules x