Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Passages

Top Ten Tuesday...Novel Passages

I am always encouraging my students to think about passages as they read...and as a reader, I am always looking for things that stick out at me as I am reading a novel. I also always try to include my favorite passages when I review a book. Here is a top ten list of the kinds of passages to notice as you're reading.

1. Passages that you find beautiful

2. Passages that you find interesting

3. Passages that exhibit great writing

4. Passages that anger you

5. Passages that trouble you

6. Passages that perplex you

7. Passages that raise your curiosity

8. Passages that you find humorous

9. Passages that challenge you to think differently


Here is a passage from the book Deadly by Julie Chibbaro that I am reading right now...it really knocks my socks off.

I know that one day I won't be on this earth anymore. A world without the physical me - what will that look like? I'll seep down into the soil, become a plant, a tree; I'll be falling leaves, yellow, crunching under a child's feet until I am dust. Nothing. Gone.

How awesome is that?

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  1. Awesome Quote!!!! Definitely puts things into perspective!