Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduation Day - WOO-HOO!

Today, May 14th was the big day - I walked in celebration of obtaining my master's degree as a reading specialist. It seemed kind of weird being that I actually finished my program last August, but there we were today, our little cohort celebrating three and a half years of hard work!

To give a little background, I enrolled in the program exactly a month after I learned that I was pregnant with my first son. I have no idea what I was thinking, but God had it all planned out...I worked through two pregnancies, being a full-time middle school teacher, and having a family...and anyone who has a young family knows, demands a lot!

I would never have made it through had it not been for an amazing professor, my family, but most of all my husband who took the kids off my hands frequently so I could get some work done!

While I have no plans to actually leave the classroom and move into a reading specialist position, it is nice to have options. And if for nothing else, it has reinforced my desire to make sure both of my sons are lifelong readers...and that makes ANY amount of time or work worth it.

Happy Graduation Day to all my Cohort girls!