Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Abattoir (An Ellie Danson Mystery) by M.K. Carver - Review

I took a huge detour recently from the type of literature I have been reading all summer and picked up The Abattoir (An Ellie Danson Mystery) by M.K. Carver. Despite it being so very different from what I usually read, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in one day because I just couldn't put it down!

Book Summary:

A Killer Goes Public

A cunning, vicious serial killer stalks the glamorous Meatpacking district in lower Manhattan. Bored with killing in secret, he raises the stakes by leaving cryptic clues in his victims’ own blood.

A Cop in the Cross-Hairs

Detective Ellie Danson is tapped to tag along with an investigator from the Homicide Squad at Manhattan South, due to her knowledge of the city’s red-light districts. When the killer develops a fascination with her that comes to border on obsession, Ellie begins to wonder just how high a price she’ll have to pay to draw him out.

Closing the Circle

As she closes in on the killer, his kills become even more gruesome, violating every rule of common decency in his quest for inspiration. With her life hanging in the balance, Ellie manages to bend a few rules of her own, leading to shocking revelations and a desperate, final confrontation that only one will survive.

My Thoughts:

This novel really was a "on-the-edge-of-your-seat" thriller. The very first opening scene grabs your attention, as it is pretty vividly gives you the picture of the serial killer and what his crime scenes are like. Like I said previously, I usually don't pick up novels like this, and while this one isn't for those with a weak stomach, I thought that the author did a phenomenal job describing the horrors of a serial killer with a sort of decency, which I appreciated!

A very endearing person, the main character, Ellie Danson, is a female cop trying to make her way up the ladder despite being in a man's world. I love how the author portrayed her and she is a main character that you could really identify with because she is so down-to-earth and real. I was plagued by her relationship with Jay, but after further thought I realized that I find a lot of similarities with the way Ellie dealt with other people and how police and people in other high-stress jobs deal with people. I think throughout the novel I wanted to strangle Ellie for her standoffishness (is that a word?) towards Jay. The whole bit about her not wanting to wear the necklace, then not wanting to go with him places (even though his mother was a royal pain)...I just equated it in the end with other friends that are married to/in a relationship with policemen. There is a certain wall up...and Ellie had that wall, she didn't want to be "too close." I equated Ellie's treatment of Jay to that.

But then to find out that he had paid for a huge chunk of her apartment! I got downright mad at her! I just felt that he was presented as so charismatic, charming, and obviously so in love with Ellie - she just didn't seem to return the same feelings.The author really presented all of this so realistically.

There was a side story throughout the novel about a character named Fantasia who was living on the streets - the author tied this story in well with the main plot line concerning the killer. Both well complimented the other and helped the novel come full-circle at the conclusion.

M.K.'s writing really captivates you, and you are in for a thrilling ride throughout this novel. And the notion that the good guys win against a terrible monster brings this novel home. Kudos to the author, readers will not be disappointed!

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