Sunday, August 7, 2011

In My Mailbox (For Two Weeks!)

I wasn't able to get around to doing an In My Mailbox post last week, so this is two weeks worth of books and a really cool library find.

I got a title from Candlewick Press this week called Mitchell's License. It is a really beautiful picture book all about getting ready for bed. With two young kids of my own, we have found this book a real treasure! It also came with a really neat Story-Hour Kit that features activities that you can do with your child in addition to reading the story.

I received this graphic novel as a win from Goodreads - I am not that into graphic novels, I find them difficult to read but this one looks like a good one that I can share with my students.

More wins from Goodreads - Blood Money by Brian Springer and Fiction Ruined My Family by Jeanne Darst.
I won these two vampire titles from another blog giveaway, I may feature them later as a giveaway on here too.

I picked up The Execution of Willie Francis by Gilbert King for $5 - it looks like a great piece of historical literature and it is a nice big hardback book!

I just had to order these because they are the two August titles for my teacher book club. I already had The Help on my Nook, but I just really wanted a hard copy too! I am super excited to read the James Patterson novel about middle school...I plan on reading this aloud to my students this year.

Another win from Goodreads...this one looks great!

I ordered another Glenn Beck title and have his newest book Broke coming in the mail this week. I highly recommend all of his books.

And onto my awesome library find...when I went in to my local library, I stumbled across a rack with all of these bookmarks that give titles for each grade level. Being a middle school teacher, I was sad to see that they only went up to 5th grade, but both of my kids are young so they are useful for us at home. They are nice, sturdy bookmarks, and they really do have some great titles on them. I think these are perfect when you are compiling summer reading lists!

What great titles were in your mailbox this week?

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