Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Simple by Michelle Richardson - BLOG TOUR!

It's Simple is a fantastic story about love, and what it takes to make it work in these modern times. From reading the short description I knew that this was something I wanted to read, it caught my attention immediately! Thanks to Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Publicity Tours for hosting this tour!

Book Summary:

The general consensus is that relationships are easy to start but challenging to maintain. Although we may not think so, our choices ultimately determine the types of relationships we have. It's truly funny how after we've contributed to the chaotic state of the relationship, we hire therapists to fix us, to tell us it's not our fault when it typically is. The truth? Therapists don't fix us; they provide tools that guide us. Ultimately, we find the solutions ourselves and, for the most part, we really need to forget what we've heard. Relationships can be complicated, littered with challenges and that preventable thing called drama. Just ask Tia and Chase.

They met as teenagers. Upon graduation from college, things got complicated. Chase was drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers; Tia was offered a position in the Obama administration. Despite the geographical distance, Tia and Chase stayed together.

But how easy is it to make love last? It's simple-if we can be honest, forgiving, and patient with each other. Here's a unique look at a progressive couple and how their choices impact their journey; providing a truthful and sometimes painful look at real life scenarios and how two fiercely driven and stubborn lovers choose to handle them. Experience life from a different perspective.

About the Author:

Michelle Richardson born in Brooklyn, New York, now lives in Long Island with her husband, their two kids, and a prissy powder puff Pomeranian named Madison. Richardson is currently writing the sequel to It's Simple.

From the Author:

The ability of the written word to transport the reader immediately is indeed a powerful vessel. The spark of an idea can happen in an instance with one sentence from an author whose message adheres itself on a cellular level, deeply impacting and changing the way the reader views people and the world around them. As a writer, I can only hope your passage with me is just as transformative. So from where I am to exactly where you are, I have a story I wish to share with you … one that cultivates ideas to empower a person for change.

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My Thoughts:

First, I want you to go back and re-read the book summary...that is what peaked my interest the most.  The author and I are like-minded regarding relationships so I knew this was going to be a realistic story with none of the unnecessary.  If I read one more book where rich people can't swim out of their own most times self-inflicted drama I am going to scream.  I just knew that Michelle had not written that kind of book.

This really was a very sweet novel, from the characters to the storyline it was an easy and fun read.  It was very light and a welcome break between some of the heavy reading I have done recently.

As I was reading some of the other reviews on this book I kept seeing the same comments, "no drama here!" and "a big change from the usual boy leaves girl kind of book."  As I mentioned before, that got me really curious...a love story without much drama?  I have to check this out!

As I was reading this I was struck by how realistic the characters were, and how much I liked them by the end of the book!  I really was invested in their story and hoping that they were able to make it work after reuniting the second time.  And the author didn't waste any of the novel with unnecessary details, scenes, or dialogue.  I think this book could be a great recommended read if you are someone who just can't seem to make a relationship work.

Michelle Richardson did a superior job writing this novel, and I really am looking forward to reading more from her in the future!

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  1. Wow, what a nice review! Thanks for participating in Michelle's blog tour, Lindsay!