Friday, November 25, 2011

A Motivation to Write...and Write Well by Wayne Zurl

Wayne Zurl has stopped by my blog today to share his thoughts on getting motivated to write, and write well.  I am thrilled to have him "visit" my blog today because this is always something I struggle with as a teacher. 

Thanks to Nurture Your Books Virtual Tours for the opportunity to showcase Mr. Zurl's work!

A Motivation to Write . . . and Write Well

I don’t think anyone has suggested a better topic.

It’s 2011 and the world economy stinks. In the US, it’s almost impossible to find a job. If you’re lucky enough to get hired, you should concentrate on keeping that job. If you like your position and you have half a brain, you’ll think about advancing within the organization.

Here’s a fact of life: Many jobs require you to write . . . something during some phase of your job. Maybe it’s a letter to a potential customer explaining why they should choose you over the competition. Perhaps management wants you to explain your reason for changing a procedure and adding efficiency to their operation—an idea that may make you famous within the company. Or maybe you have to justify your request for a transfer, promotion, or a raise.

As a soldier, I had to write reports for various reasons. Few people associate the two jobs. As a police officer, I wrote so many reports that if they were on toilet paper, they’d encircle the world at least twice.

Another fat of life: Often the ultimate authority reading your written word has never met you. Your immediate supervisor may know you and think you’re a great worker and a nice kid. So may middle-management, but maybe the big boss can only judge you by what you’ve written. Write poorly and the other guy gets the customer, your co-worker gets the preferred assignment, or you don’t get that raise.

Maybe a well-constructed love letter gets you the mate of your dreams.

Write carelessly, poorly constructed paragraphs and you could live your life poor and lonely.

Doing it well only makes sense.

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