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10 Books Every Teacher Should Read

I am so lucky to have been asked to do this post - Alicia Moore is here today on the blog to give you ten books that EVERY teacher should read - being a middle school teacher myself, I am absolutely in support of her list and highly recommend her suggestions - ENJOY!

Ten Books Every Teacher Should Read
By: Alicia Moore

When embarking on a teaching career, people will learn that there are many aspects to this profession that require other elements in addition to actual teaching skills. For instance, qualities such as patience, organizational abilities, assertiveness, leadership and knowledge of people (both children and adults) are all part of the teaching equation. Additionally, becoming adept in the fields of psychology (to establish behavior management and deal with special needs), parenting (for setting disciplinary measures and a positive learning environment), and administration (engaging supervisory techniques and the planning/execution of essential strategies) will prove to be invaluable attributes when developing competent teaching qualifications.

Most important is the fact that children possess a drive to learn about the world around them. Thus, educators who are experts in the gathering and dispersing of relevant knowledge will be the individuals that attract and hold the minds of the younger generation captive. As Online Teaching Degree points out, teachers must remain current with the latest trends in the field of education or they'll be in jeopardy of losing their audiences before the job begins. Bearing these facts in mind, the following is a brief list of books every teacher should read to assist them in their endeavor of becoming a person of influence in the lives of their students.

1)    "The First Year Teachers' Survival Guide: Ready-To-Use Strategies, Tools & Activities for Meeting the Challenges of Each School Day" by Julia G Thompson: Specifically written for new teachers, this second edition text includes tried and true methods for incorporating tools and activities into daily curricula that can be used by new teachers to create exciting and productive educational environments.  The First Year Teachers' Survival Guide.

2) "Creating Classrooms Where Teachers Love to Teach and Students Love to Learn" by Bob Sornson, Ph.D: According to Dr. Sornson, love and logic are the ingredients needed to create a classroom atmosphere that teachers as well as students will enjoy. With this book, teachers can learn to capture the essence of learning and transform the lives of their pupils.

3) "One-Minute Discipline: Classroom Management Strategies That Work" by Arnie Bianco: Promoting learning in the classroom requires order, and maintaing it will undoubtedly require discipline at some point in time. This book provides a collection of methods that have been proven effective and which can be used by all teachers at all levels of the education process.

4)  "Learning to Trust: Transforming Difficult Elementary Classrooms Through Developmental Discipline" by Marilyn Watson and Laura Ecken: This book takes a different perspective on establishing order within the classroom. The authors encourage teachers to focus on building relationships with their students rather than demanding obedience.  Learning to Trust.

5) "Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology" by Justin Reich and Thomas Daccord: Students of today are heavily into technology so, like it or not, it behooves teachers to learn how to incorporate technology into their lessons. This how-to guide book was written by teachers specifically for teachers and it provides practical tips on how to enhance lessons and classroom structures using various software and online tools.

6)  "The Computer Lab Teacher's Survival Guide: K-6 Units for the Whole Year" by Holly Poteete: This book sets the groundwork for the introduction of technology to elementary school students. The text provides instructions on how to set up a computer lab as well as providing tips on including word processing applications and Internet projects in lesson plans.

7)  "Teacher Under Construction: Things I Wish I'd Known!: A Survival Handbook for New Middle School Teachers" by Jerry L Parks: There's no greater teacher in life than experience and Mr. Parks shares his valuable teaching experiences that could help teachers to avoid the pitfalls and mayhem that come with teaching in middle schools.

8)  "So You Want to Be a Teacher?: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century" by Janice Koch: Students who may be considering a teaching career will find the facts and information in this book that will help them to make a final, informed decision.

To stir the imagination and perhaps inspire some unique ideas of their own, teachers will find the following two novels to be interesting reading. These stories are also available as movies for those who are more visually incited.

9) "To Sir with Love" by E. R. Braithwaite: This novel deals with overcoming the extreme prejudice and violence that can become ingrained in inner city schools, while teaching students about developing wholesome relationships and responsible lifestyles.

10) "The Blackboard Jungle" by Evan Hunter: The book deals specifically with gang violence and teaching students that there are other ways to obtain acceptance and experience love.

No matter what line of teaching a person may be in, they could always use a little extra guidance and help to achieve greater accomplishments. Books have always played a remarkable role in the education process and will no doubt continue to be a major influence. Teachers will find an unending list of exquisite and useful books to aid them in becoming the best in their profession as they inspire growth and direction in all their students.

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