Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silver's Chance by Billie Jean: Book Spotlight

Silver's Chance by Billie Jean is a novel that I am happy to spotlight here on the blog - this is really an interesting read, way outside my normal but that is what I like so much about it!  Thanks to Marissa over at Sizzling PR for allowing me to showcase this novel today!

About the Novel:

When life throws Samantha a curve ball in the form of an ancient Lykae warlord bent on marking her as his - what's she going to do? Run like hell? Oh, yeah, that so worked the first time around. With Derrick hot after her tail, Samantha discovers being the hunted just might not be as bad as she thought.

Derrick is a warlord hardened by centuries of battle. Now that he's free from years of torment, he discovers his mate. Only his beautiful little half wolf is as determined to deny him, as he is to claim her.

As the battle to keep her safe intensifies, Derrick faces the biggest fight of his life: winning Samantha's heart and keeping alive long enough to claim her.

Together they just might tame each other.

About the Author:

Well, let's see. I write romance -- mostly paranormal and historical, but I have a few contemporary I'm working on as well. I tend to write series, but slowly. So, if you liked Midnight Star, I have more coming out soon.

I also work on single stories, and one of those might be hitting the shelves soon as well.

I grew up here, there, and everywhere, from California, to upper New York state to just about everywhere in between. I think the moving around drove me to find my own outlets in life -- reading being one of them, and writing being another. I hope that my work is enjoyable to my readers, and some day I'd love to hear from a fan that they have my book stored all safe and secure on a shelf where they can pet it when they want. :) Or that they pull my book down on a bad day to simply escape for a bit into the worlds I spin.

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My Thoughts:

Vampires, demons, and shifters - OH MY!  This novel was an attention-grabber from the very first page, one that I highly recommend all of the paranormal lovers out there.  

The characters were likable, I identified with them immediately - Samantha and Derrick really had a neat relationship and the way the author crafted them was perfect for the story.  The plot kept me wanting to turn each page hoping to figure out what happened and the storyline was great.  This author really does know how to catch the reader's attention and KEEP IT!

I am not into paranormal usually but I thoroughly enjoyed this read - it is something that I am going to recommend to my book club because I really think most readers will enjoy it.  Congrats to the author, she has made a loyal reader out of me!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me and for such a great review!!!! Hugs!!! Billi Jean