Monday, January 23, 2012

Memories of Mom by Alexia E. Fraser: Review

I am featuring a very special book here on the blog today - I am excited to share this with you.  Alexia E. Fraser has put out a beautifully written novel that will capture the heart of anyone who hold family values near and dear to the heart.

I am very thankful to Pump Up Your Books PR for allowing me to participate in this tour - it is one I have been looking forward to for a while!

About the Author:

Alexia Elizabeth Smart-Fraser was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica. After marrying her high school sweetheart Edward, she migrated to the United States. She is the proud and loving mother of two children, son Sean and daughter Paige. Alexia studied acting at H.B. Studio. She worked as an extra on the set of “Cosby Mysteries” with Bill Cosby, “New York Undercover” with Malik Yubo, “Central Park West” with Lauren Hutton, and the series “Prince Street” with Mariska Hargitay. As well, Alexia Fraser has written and produced three original non-fiction one act plays both off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway. “The Ryans,” “Dope the Endeavor” and “Blind Trust.” Her fourth play “Our God is Awesome” is not yet produced, but will be in the near future. Alexia is the original founder and partner of her production company, Paige Unlimited, LLC
(www.paigeunlimitedllc) of which she is the Creative Arts VP. Memories of Mom is Alexia Fraser’s first published book. She was driven to share her story after seeing her mom suffered unacceptable nursing home and hospital care. Her second book is already partially scripted. “Write what you know” is what she believes.

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About the Novel:

Memories of Mom (M.O.M.) is a poignant story about an extraordinary mother, written by a daughter who loved and cared for her during her last lap of life.  This story is written from the heart, and will inspire love and affection in millions of daughters and sons who will someday be caring for their elderly parents or loved ones.  It is about undying love, unyielding sacrifices and compassionate role reversal.  The circle of life.

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My Thoughts:

Before you even think of picking up this book make sure you have a block of time when you will not be disturbed because you will not want to put this down and if you are forced to, you will spend the time away doing nothing but thinking about this novel!

Anyone who holds family dear to them will love this book and be touched by every page.  This is a real tribute from a daughter to her mother who she took care of in the final stages of her life.  This story isn't all sad, it will have readers grabbing for the tissues and on the next page laughing out loud!

This is a true story of the evolution of a relationship and how it comes full circle - a mother who teaches her daughter about faith, family, and love...all attributes and qualities that the daughter will use to help her mother as her health declines.

Another neat aspect of this novel is how the author weaves her own story in and out of her mother's.  I am really beginning to love stories that show multiple story lines and this one is amazing.

I sincerely recommend this novel to my readers - you will love this journey and it will inspire you to think about your own family relationships.

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