Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cassandra Carr: Author Guest Post

Welcome to the blog today, I am so excited to share this author with you - I have seen her name pop up from time-to-time and am excited to get to know her a little better!  This genre is out of the norm for me, but

I was given a spot on this tour by Marissa over at Sizzling PR, thanks Marissa!

**Today's post features an adult topic, please be aware of that before you click below.

About the Author:

Cassandra Carr is a multi-published erotic romance writer who lives in Western New York with her husband, Inspiration, and her daughter, Too Cute for Words. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out on Twitter.

Her debut novel, Talk to Me, was released by Loose Id on March 22, 2011. Head Games, Buffalo Intimidators book 1, released on November 2, 2011 from Siren Bookstrand. Caught released December 6, 2011 from Loose Id, and Impact is coming February 1, 2012 from Ellora's Cave.

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Author Guest Post:

Is submission a weakness or a strength?
by Cassandra Carr

One of the biggest complaints I hear about BDSM books is that people who are unfamiliar with the lifestyle think submissives are weak - particularly female submissives. 


A lot of strong, self-respecting women do. Because it's their choice. And that doesn't make them weak.

Submission is a gift, and a weak-willed person cannot truly give it, in my opinion. Someone has to be mentally strong to submit to another person. Otherwise it's not true submission. Again, my opinion.

Who are some of the most likely types of women to submit? Women who are in control in other areas of their lives. Maybe they're a CEO. Maybe they manage an office. Maybe they run a large household. All are leadership positions with a lot of responsibility, albeit of different types. The opportunity to submit gives them one area - one little area - where they're not in complete control. In this way, they can allow someone else to take the reins, to know and do what's best for them, and to help them achieve maximum pleasure.

How can a weak person do that? 


  1. Thanks for having me here today! I'll be popping by to see the comments and respond to them periodically.

  2. I completely agree with you Cassandra. I agree for the reasons you pointed out but also because I believe that strong people know what they want and take charge of what they want. Sometimes as strong people we want to take charge. We may be in charge of a business, a family, we may chair a committee. But because one chooses to be the leader in some situations doesn't mean they want to be the leader in all situations.

    I believe strong and smart people stay abreast of what they want and they position themselves to go after what they want whether they want to dominate in the bedroom or submit.

    I see dominance and submission as two halves of a whole. It's a symbiotic relationship in which the submissive gives the gift of submission and the dominant gives the gift of dominance. Because of the symbiosis between the two both the dominant and the submissive get their needs met.

    1. Well said. Very, very well said!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've always thought that the OTHER side, the dominant side would be more difficult. To always have to be in control, to have to make decisions for both people would take a lot of effort. For a woman who is always in control, submission would be like a vacation from responsibility. But when does the DOM get to take a break?

    1. Yes, Cara - I totally agree. I've heard it said that the aftercare is as much about the Dom as it is about the sub. The Dom has a HUGE responsibility and has to be a strong enough person him or herself to handle that.