Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Full and Fabulous February

When writing poems on the California Gold Rush, I challenged my students to use alliteration, hence the catchy title to today's blog!

February was such a full month, and we did so much as a family. As my boys are getting older I am finding it more and more challenging to keep up with the picture taking but I WILL NOT surrender! I love my camera, and their adorable faces too much. Every parent reading this totally gets what I am talking about...

Here are some of the highlights of the fun we had last month (and a few other random pictures that I found too cute not to include):
Look at my new shoes, which I am so excited about that I am flapping my arms too fast for the camera to catch (and my brother in the background yelling at me)...

Can't believe I caught them both being still enough for this picture, but I can't explain the crouching quarterback position...

A day at the swingset...and yes, the leaves that litter the background of each picture are gone as of this last weekend :)

And a trip to the doughnut store...where Rylan picked out five doughnuts he wanted (only one of which he actually ate) and a bag of doughnut holes (which I devoured in the car)...I love that we do this so seldom that it is a huge treat for them!

The Thunder Nationals at the Coliseum...what little boy doesn't love monster trucks?

A trip to Theater IV to see a live production of The Big Friendly Giant, my favorite children's book ever...

And a whole lot of hanging out at the house...which explains why it is in a constant state of chaos, and is resembling tornado-alley.

Here's to an even better March...


  1. The boys are so cute!! Oh and I also LOVE country style donuts...sad that just from the donut case I can figure out that's where you were!

  2. Stacy, that is so true! We LOVE Country Style Douuts...they are so delilsh!