Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Genres of Literature

Top Ten Tuesday is a time to share any top ten list that comes to mind...honestly, mine mainly have to do with reading or literature. Enjoy...

Top Ten Genres of Literature (in my opinion of course)...

1. Historical Fiction (any time period, but especially Colonial America/Civil War)

2. Nonfiction (specifically relating to historical events is most interesting in my opinion)

3. Biographies (I love them on anyone, I read a biography about Charles Darwin this past summer that was fascinating and I didn't even think I was interested in him)

4. Realistic Fiction (this is the most popular genre of YA lit, so naturally I would love it)

5. Folklore - Myths/Legends/Fables (I teach these in my Native American unit each year, the kids love them)

6. Drama (I do like some drama, but not all - can't really stomach the Shakespeare stuff)

7. Short Story (I love short stories...and we read them so much in the classroom due to time constraints)

8. Narrative Nonfiction (informational but still tells a story)

9. Humor (It's good to laugh, right?)

10. Poetry (As I have gotten older poetry has grown on me, and now that I'm a mom, I find myself picking up poems for my kids that I think they'll love and pondering the deeper level ones for the meaning of life - haha!)

And then there are those that didn't even make the list...science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery. Y-U-C-K.


  1. you've never had a great Shakespeare teacher,who taught you to read him, otherwise you'd love it! I had a teacher in college who would come in to class in costume and recite a soliloquy and yank us into the story, Everyone in the class was enthralled - even the people who thought they'd hate it. The dramas and historicals are the best!

    My son loved A visit to William Blake's Inn - poetry that has been tweaked from William Blake (i.e. Tiger Tiger) We read it together until the book was worn.

  2. Agreed Dianne...I bet had I taken a class with an excellent teacher my outlook would be very different. Maybe that is in my future...