Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raj The Bookstore Tiger Picture Book Review

This is a wonderful book! I think this is one of the most impressive picture books I have seen yet.

Raj, is a cat who lives in a bookstore - Felicity, his owner, has dubbed him “Raj the Bookstore Tiger” and he daily lives up to his name by strutting around at storytime and giving “growls” to the other readers. When another cat, Snowball, comes to live there too, he challenges Raj and makes him believe with his mean words that he is nothing more than a simple cat, and Raj loses his spirit.

The book follows him as he once again remembers who he is at heart, and with the help of a William Blake poem (which I promptly downloaded and taped into the back of my copy), he finds the real tiger within. He even helps Snowball, the other cat, believe himself to be a tiger - adorable premise for a children's book!

This book could be the basis for many lessons in the classroom – character study, a study on setting, and even an extension study of William Blake’s poems. The illustrations are beautiful and the pictures go right along with the text, and even enhance it. My three-year old could almost tell the story from looking at the pictures. This is a winner for any home or school library!

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