Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calling All Book Bloggers!! - Indie Assist

Indie Assist is calling all established book bloggers! If you love to read and blog, and love getting FREE books – then join our growing list of INDIE BOOK BLOGGERS!

Indie Authors don’t have the million dollar marketing teams that big publishing houses have, they have to rely on word of mouth to promote their work. They need to find people willing to review their books!

Here at Indie Assist our goal is to help out Indie Authors however they need it. One of the main things they need is YOU! We are going to provide them an easy way to find you! So if you are interested in reviewing Indie Authors, and receiving books and/or e-books for FREE….


You even get to pick and choose which books you are interested in receiving!

Getting on our mail list is easy and FREE.


-have been a book blogger at least 6 months.
-Regularly post at least 2 book reviews per month
-Use Social Media sites like twitter to promote your reviews

If this is you, and you are willing to review INDIE AUTHORS simply send an email to with the words INDIE BOOK BLOGGER in the subject line. In this email you need to include some information about yourself and your book blog. Be sure to include the LINK, what genres you like, whether you like e-book or hard copy, etc. Once we’ve “checked you out” we’ll add you to our list!

It’s THAT easy!

This is an exciting new adventure for us, and we can’t wait to bring you in on our team of bloggers!

Here is the link for more information: Indie-Assist - Calling All Bloggers!

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  1. Thanks for the information Lindsay, I'm sending my email now to sign up.

    Thanks for visiting and following me via the Book Blogger Hop.

    I'll also repost this information on my BookZone blog.