Thursday, July 21, 2011

When You Just Can't Get Through a Book...

For years, I have picked up a book, and then finished the book (usually in about 1-3 days). I don't know what it is, I just start reading and then I finish and there usually isn't a problem.

There have been times in my life (namely the birth of my children) that have deterred my reading a little bit, and I will pick something back up that I started earlier, but I feel like that is pretty normal.

I have been reading The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kerry, and while this book is something that I just knew I would be interested in (historical fiction, turn-of-the-century, girl protagonist) I just CAN'T GET THROUGH THIS NOVEL! The back says, "this will be the most exciting summer of Calpurnia's life) and if that is truly the case, I feel sorry for this girl - because it just doesn't seem so exciting.

What is bothering more than anything is that I have a stack of review requests that I need to get to, but this book is holding me up! Because I refuse to just "not finish," that's just not how I roll!

So, I am headed off to put in another day of hard reading, and for the love of whoever cares, PLEASE let me finish this book today!

Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences with this same problem...


  1. I hardly ever have this problem either, but recently I just could NOT make myself finish the book Betrayal... I heard a lot of positive things about it... it was like the worst fanfiction piece I've ever read.

  2. I am the same I hardly ever NOT finish books, even if I don't like them I feel I have to get to the end. Although if a book is really bad I find it morbidly fascinating so I carryon reading wondering if it could possibly get any worse!

  3. I'm am the same. I don't quit books once I start. But it does take so much more time to read a book that isn't very good or that one you can't connect with. This happened to me recently. I kept telling myself..."I'm going to finish this book today" but then I didn't. I need to stop taking chances on books and just stick to what I know I like. I didn't have this problem back then. Long story short, I feel your pain. I refuse to give up on my finish every book I start policy though.

  4. Now I'm the exact opposite. I refuse to let a book "hold me back" - I found a few years ago when I started blogging that if I started to hate reading when I felt obligated to read books I just wasnt' "feeling." Not that they weren't good books, they just weren't the book for me. I try to give every book 50 pages now, but after that if I'm not loving it I put it down - no hard feelings. Simply because there are too many GREAT books to be read to feel bad about one that you aren't liking. Never let a book you aren't liking take the fun out of reading or you'll get burnt out fast - in my opinion of course!

    Good luck!

  5. I'm with Miss Remmers - I used to be the opposite and like you, finish whatever I started. But I now realize how many good books I have missed because of this. Stephen King's motto is if it doesn't have you by 20-25% through it most likely isn't going to. I love this motto and follow it. Good luck!