Thursday, June 23, 2011

Being "Bookish" On Vacation

Anyone reading this blog probably has the same problem that I do - being on vacation is all the more reason to be "bookish" and do "bookish" things. Time away from the kids, or just away from the hustle and bustle of work and being a homeowner means I might actually get to read more than a couple of chapters each night!

Here are some of the "bookish" things I have been doing while on vacation - and they really are super cool!

At Books Plus - Fernandina Beach, I met a great local author and ended up purchasing her novel Hurricane.

She and I talked for a bit and she told me a little of the history of her family in this area, and the premise behind the novel. This is the charm about small bookstores...the people you meet and the local books you are able to pick up.

I was also lucky enough to stop by another small, but super cool bookstore called The Book Loft - and it truly was just that, a loft house filled with books!

I snagged two great historical fiction novels - One Thousand White Women: The Journals of Mary Dodd and Year of Wonders.

I am definitely looking forward to reading and reviewing all of these! And as much as I love Barnes and Noble or, there is nothing like a small bookstore...and I am loving visiting them so much!

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  1. hi Lindsay! quaint little book shops certainly have an irresistible appeal. these are lovely stores and great books. when i was on vacation in the States, i was always on the lookout for bookstores. in fact the very first purchase i made on my first day was a book! lol. thanks for sharing! c",)