Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Missus Buck" by Katrina Parker Williams - Review

"Missus Buck" is a short story set in the deep South, where slavery was ingrained in every fabric of the culture during the 1800s. Like many short stories, this one left me wanting a whole novel set during the time period - I want more regarding the life of Rubilene, Aunt Virginny, and the Branderburgs.

I enjoyed the story, would have liked a little more about the setting so readers could really get a feel for what life on a plantation was really like but I understand that within the confines of a short story, details have to be limited. The plot really did keep me interested, and from the beginning I was predicting what revenge Rubilene would take on Missus Buck.

I was left confused by one thing...the detail that Victor saw Luther being flogged, enjoyed the sight, and was left wanting to see more was unfinished. Did the author do that purposefully so that another short story can be forthcoming where Victor will be the main character?

The story really did make me mad, with much of my frustration directed at Missus Julie. While it is easy to be mad at her for allowing her mother-in-law to behave that way in her house, it is important to remember the time period and that women were the property of their husbands, and so reader frustrations should really be directed at Massa Norris for enabling his mother-in-law to treat everyone like that. It seems that they should have just left Victor in the care of Rubilene and Aunt Virginny - they would have taken much better care of him!

I am looking forward to reading Ms. Parker's book Trouble Down South and Other Stories, and her upcoming interview for my blog.

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