Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Slave Auction" by Katrina Parker Williams

Ms. Williams has written another short story that I am really taken with. "Slave Auction" is a companion story to "Missus Buck" but from Horatio's perspective as he is sold from his mother and sent to live with Massa Norris and the other slaves on his Texas plantation.

This short story was in one word - AMAZING. Another reviewer described it as a short story that packed a lot of punch and that is very accurate.

I was a little confused about how the "deals" were worked out so that Horatio was purchased by a plantation where some of the slaves were his family, but not confused enough that it impacted the story.

Parker's writing is so true...and clear. I love how she tells these stories that some would find too difficult to tell. Some parts of this were hard to read, particularly when Horatio and his mother are being sold and she pleads with the white man who bought her to buy her son and he does not.

The author has told me that she plans to one day put these short stories into a novel, and I am looking forward to reading that!

Currently, I am reading Trouble Down South and Other Stories which is an anthology of Ms. Parker's stories in one book - review coming soon!

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