Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night "Book" Light

It's Friday, which means that the weekend is here and there will be more time than usual to read! I am gearing up to finish a novel I have been reading all week, Heart of a Samurai by Margi Preus, one that it is taking me forever to get through (not because it is bad, just because this has been the last week of school and getting the students out for summer has taken all my attention this week!)

I am also planning to start the Pretty Little Liars novels 1-4 - these have been in my TBR pile for too long, and I want to get started. I have the first four and they look like quick reads. I am anticipating them to be similar to The Clique series but for an older audience, but we shall see. Either way, it will be good to clear out a few from the every-growing stack under my bed!

So, here's to clicking on the Friday Night Book Light and getting through some great books!

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  1. Oh, hey thanks! ?Yours is pretty darn nifty too! I'm so stoked about the new Pretty Little Liars book. :D

    Meghann D.